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Bhajan : Om bhur-bhavaha swaha - ओम भोर्भवस्वहा
Author :
Deity : God
Category : Begining
Bhajan Lyrics

|| * * * ||

The primodial sound. Aum is the roots of the sound from which all languages come, Aum is where the true self resides, we merge into Aum ultimately, and through meditation with a guru’s help, we can get glimpse of the Aum.

Om bhur-bhavaha swaha
Bhargo devasya dhee-mahi
Dheeyo-yonaha prach-o-dayaat (3X)

Om, May we, acquire knowledge and intellect that illuminate ourselves as well as everything around us just as the sun illuminates itself as well as the earth.

Om saha-naa-vavatu, saha-nau-bhunak-tu
Saha-vir-yam Karva-va-hai

. Om, May we, Guru and disciple, be protected together. May we enjoy the fruits of our actions together? May we achieve strength together, may our knowledge be full of light. May we never have enmity for one another?

Om Shanti …Shanti… Shantihi

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