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Sloka of the day
इशावास्यम इदं सर्व यत किंच जगत्यां जगत

तेन व्यकतेन भुंजीथा: माँ गृध: कुस्यस्विद धनम

ઇશાવાસ્યમ ઇદં સર્વ યત કિચ જગત્યાં જગત
તેન વ્યક્તેન ભુંજીથા: મા ગૃધ: કુસ્યસ્વિદ ધનમ

Ishavaasyam edum surve yat kich jagtyaa jagat

Tene vyakten bhujitha ma grudhah kusysvid dhanam

In the universe, all lives are created by God, therefore instead of wishing for others wealth, while remembering the God always keep giving all the wealth that you have acquired by grace of God.
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