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About Us

I came to the United States over 30 years ago in search of a richer education and greater work opportunities. Shortly after I arrived I found many others, like myself, in a new place in pursuit of the “American Dream”. We came from all parts of India and settled in Silicon Valley. We supported each other through it all – births and deaths, graduations and promotions, triumph and failure. We are still together today.

We often come together in celebration; be it Super Bowl, Diwali, Birthdays, and for no reason at all! As we came together we also discovered our need for Bhakti (Devotion). We began to sing Bhajans together. We realized that the lyrics to Bhajans where not easily available. Often lyrics were hard to read and had been Xeroxed over and over again. So we made our own booklet of Bhajans that we could use during our monthly Bhajan gatherings.

Soon after we learned through our colleagues and acquaintances that many people were coming together in this way and that there was a large interest in our communities to do so. My wife, Jyotika, and long-time friends gave me the idea and inspiration to start a website to share Bhajans and provide easier access to lyrics of Bhajans we all loved to sing.

The Bhajans are available in Gujarati and Hindi and English Transliteration. In the near future, we will also add the translation in English for those of people who do not read Gujarati and Hindi.

To help people learn to sing the Bhajans, my friends Asim and his wife Madhivben, and Neelamben Yagnik have provided MP3 clips that are available with the lyrics.

My hope is to expand the site by publishing articles that explain our ancient Indian culture and philosophy.

My inspiration to serve community comes from my Guru who has continually blessed my family and I with her grace and teachings. I dedicate this site to her and ask for blessings that we may, through this site invoke Bhakti in our communities bringing upliftment and happiness to all.


A special thank you to my wife, Jyotika Patel. She is my greatest supporter and inspiration. Thank you also to my friends; Paul and Ruby Gulati, Tapan and Sulochana Pramanik, Mahesh and Vidya Gurikar, Vijay and Jyoti Pendse, Shailesh and Poonam Gupta, Neeraj and Seema Maithel, Sena and Rupa Reddy, Sharad and Rita Goel and Jaychandra Toke and Kanta for encouraging me to sing Bhajans and giving me this idea to pursue the web site.

Notice: We have no intention of violating any copyright laws, if you feel that any listing here is in such violation, please bring it to our attention and we will promptly remove it from the site.

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